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Ever think aloud, "What is Un-natural-Zombie wine?"

Ever wonder how a wine could NOT be vegan?

Yeah, we did too.

Then we found out that that it is a common practice for Zombie wine producers they will use either egg whites or fish bladders to aid in filtering/fining the wines (pssst, this is what makes your wine all crystal clear or void of any crunchy little yeasty bits in the bottom).

Another technique sometimes used is to take small plastic shavings and simply dump them in the wine. The particulate matter gloms on to them and then, THEORETICALLY, floats to the bottom.

In addition to all of that fun, there are 70-100 additives that can be put into most wines and, at least in North America, NONE of these have to appear on a label. (Here's a lovely list put together if you're up for a deep dive!) Soooo, that paints a pretty picture of a bunch of grapes that some jackass in a suite that costs more than what you make in a year stands by as he holds up his precious glass of wine, is far from the truth. Wine has become a processed factory product like anything else in our modern world. It is wine-flavored beverage.

Real wine has been on the ropes for the last few decades.

Now, however, there has been a major resurgence of returning to the ways of old.

As the amazing rag tag scrappers of Oyster River Wine Growers have put it, “Pre-industrial” winemaking is still here.

Shadow Puppet aims to do its Part!!

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